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IT4Educators provides online, technology integration courses that will transform teaching and learning in your classroom.

Work from any computer with Internet access. Register ANYTIME as sessions are on-going and continuous.

Instructor-guided courses you complete on your own schedule. Instructors grade and offer feedback throughout the course.

Teachers use their existing curriculum to create practical classroom materials aligned with ISTE's National Technology Standards. IT4Educators by it4educators

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    Digital Storytelling in the Classroom


    Help your students define their point of view and find their voice as they deepen their understanding of curricular content. Teach your students to express themselves and share their learning as they create projects that incorporate sound, images and special effects with their audio narrative. Working at your own pace throughout this course, you will use online, step-by-step tutorials and Internet resources to apply new knowledge and skills to instructional practice.


    Mobile Devices in the Classroom


    Mobile devices are everywhere! How do you harness the accessibility and engagement of iPods, iPads and cell phones to increase student learning? In this course you will explore the educational potential of mobile devices in your classroom. You will have access to online Atomic Learning tutorials that will support your exploration of mobile devices as authentic, engaging and interactive classroom learning tools.


    Blogging for Teaching and Learning


    Explore the educational potential of blogs and blogging. Freely available and easy to use web-based tools make blogging a means for teachers to communicate with students and families and to build a network of colleagues and collaborators to support best practice. Blogging is also an authentic, engaging and interactive classroom activity for students, and it can provide a vehicle to share ideas, develop writing, and reflect on work. In this course you will learn how to find blogs that are relevant and meaningful to you professionally; how to create your own blog; and, how to set up blogging as an experiential learning tool in your classroom.


    Teaching and Learning in the Flipped Classroom


    Transform your classroom by “turning it upside down”! The flipped classroom is an ideology that encompasses a wide range of models to personalize and accelerate student learning. In this introductory survey course, you will explore the theories of active learning and peer instruction as you investigate the potential of flipped teaching and learning in your educational setting. Working at your own pace throughout this course, you will use Atomic Learning and other Internet resources to help you choose tools and strategies that will engage and motivate your students to take control of their own learning and achieve desired learning outcomes.

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