"Thanks a lot for a GREAT class!!!! The content and resources were AWESOME. It has helped me out a lot in my classroom. Thanks again."
-- Rich H. - Middle School Teacher (34 year veteran)-WI

"I keep coming back because I love the convenience, the content is very relevant, and I can use it the very day I learn it."
-- Sarah B. 4th grade teacher and 18 credit IT4Educators customer

"I am very impressed with the courses I've taken. One of the things I most enjoy about them is that the focus is on direct application of knowledge where products are developed for use in the classroom as opposed to a multitude of quizzes, midterms, research papers and final exams. As a teacher, I want to invest my time learning and developing tools I can use in my classroom right now, today."
-- Sylvie - Junior High School Teacher and 15 credit IT4Educators customer